Personal Website

What is a Personal Website?

Girl with TigerA personal website contains content of a personal nature rather than content pertaining to a company, organization or institution. It's purpose is usually informational related and is not static, rather dynamic as it is periodically updated. If someone was to try to search for you on the internet, the hope is that they would find your personal website.

Why a Personal Website?

water-drop-girlThere are many reasons why one would create a personal website. Do you have a talent that you want to share with others? Maybe you have a passion about a specific topic and want to have a blob to discuss it. It might be that you just want to have a presence on the internet so if someone Googles you, they find your site.

What ever the reason is, you control every aspect of how it looks, acts and what content it contains. Most personal websites at minimum, state who they are, what they do. It makes you findable other than on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.

What to put on the site?

Painted Face

Resume - "Career experts" used to say...try to keep your resume to one page, size 8 Times New Roman, no pictures, no color... What kind of a resume is that? Talk about a bland resume and not a very memorable one at that. I thought you were supposed to

"differentiate yourself" from the pack? When was the last time you were asked for the most current copy of your resume? Have you ever submitted a resume and found later an error or some important information was accidentally omitted?

You can update your resume for future submittals, but what about the ones you already sent out? Its not like you can ask for them back. The answer is to put your resume on your personal website. The document you submit as your resume could actually provide the link to your on-line resume on your personal website. Not only is your resume current, but they can also see more information about you on your website.


Certificates show things that you have accomplished. Maybe you are certified in CPR or certified to be a Red Cross swimming instructor. List all your certificates no matter Certificate how small of an achievement you think they are. These show you like to learn new things and are proud to provide proof that you proficient in it. This could be a part of your resume, or an entirely different section of your personal page. You could spice this up showing the title of each certificate, the certificate image itself, the date received and the expiration date. With these, you can mention the certificate itself and date of expiration. Its up to you as to what is important to show or not to show on your personal website.


What awards have you received? These could be for volunteering, acedemic, going Award the extra mile on something or just to acknowledge you commitment to something. No matter what it is, awards show that you are appreciated and have participated in things that other felt mattered. This is your time to brag about what you have achieved and done with your life.

Family Tree

What more appropriate for a personal website than the family tree? Since it is on a personal website, creativity is the limit. For each person or family, Family Tree you could provide a short summary of what the father and mother did for a living, when they got married, pictures if available, any kind of special visual artifacts that could be shared. The skies the limit on this one as to what information is included and what images are used to help tell the story. The important part here is that you can tell the story of your family. Are there any "special" or "famous" people in your family tree?

A Personal Website is all about you. The sky is the limit on what you can put on your personal website.


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