Business Website

What is a Business Website?

The answer would depend upon whom you ask? If you ask us, we like to think of it as a virtual extension of your business. Your ambassador to the world. Yup, I said "the world" and it's true. Regardless of the size of your business, before you have a website, you are limited by geography, the local needs of the community, and your local economy. Getting people to know about your business is usually by word of mouth, local newspaper ads, radio, TV, but they all are centrally located.

Now you want a website for your business. That means you are preparing to take your business from a local business to a worldwide business. Instead of a couple hundred customers, your website can be reached by over 3 billion people. That statistic alone should make you stop and think of what this could mean for your business.

Knowing your customer demographics is just one of the things you'll want to look into when creating your website.

The World at Your Fingertips

I think we can agree that more people will see your website, than visit your actual business (location). Here are some questions to ask yourself and think about.

  1. It takes seven (7) seconds to form a first impression. What first impression do you want your website to make?
  2. When a visitor leaves your website, what do you want them to take away from it? What's the ending impression you want them to leave with?
  3. What is the purpose of your website? Be more specific than just saying "increase sales".
  4. When your website is complete, what measurements are you comparing to know if it was successful or not? (Before and After)

These are some of the things we go through during the discovery and design processes.

Are You Prepared ?

What would you do if your website went live and your sales doubled, tripled or quadrupled? Are you prepared for that type of change? How would you fill the orders, ship them? Would you need a larger inventory supply? What about staff to work on the orders? These are all "what if" questions, but in reality, this could happen.

What Type of Website ?

What type of website were you thinking of having? For a business, there are different types of websites you could have. Perhaps you just want to get your business on the internet so if someone searches for your business, they get a page about your business, what services or products your provide, how to contact you and where you are located. On the other side of the coin, you may want a full fledge e-commerce website doing online sales, having product delivered or picked up in the store, showing inventory, providing training, how to videos and other types of information and services.


At Wise Owl Web Designs, we believe no matter what size your business or website is, it should show your visitors who you really are. What your values, beliefs and reputation are. Why they should pick you instead of one of your competitors. The goal is to make it so it's like they walked into your store and you personally waited on them. That is why we created our processes, so we can learn about your business, your values and goals, and present that on your website.

You know your business, we know websites, request your quote today and let's get things started.




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