Service Level Agreement Plans

Is an SLA Plan Required?

While a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Plan is not something you have to have in order to have a website, it's not a bad idea to have one. Some of the advantages of having one are:

  • Peace of mind knowing your website is being monitored
  • If there are issues, your website takes priority over a Non-SLA customer site
  • Backup of your Domain and Databases. (Disaster Recovery)
  • Automated and Manual Site Checks
  • Other Features

Pick the SLA below that fits your needs and budget.

Website Uptime Monitoring   Info
Minor bug fixes   Info
Consulting   Info
Customizations   Info
Performance Monitoring   Info
Domain & Database Backups  1  Info
Bug fixes   Info
Monthly Status Report   Info
Ongoing Maintenance   Info  
Daily Automated and Manual Site Check   Info
Hours of Support (includes above features) Not to exceed246
Monthly Plan Cost *$90$165$250
Additional Hourly Rate$55$50$45


 1  Drop Box Account is required for backups. Client is responsible for creating, maintaining, and paying for the drop box account.

*  Prepaid 6 or 12 month service level agreements.

Save an additional 5% when signing up for a 12 month contract.

★ Time is not stackable. Rates are based on average usage over the term so we can offer a discounted monthly rate.

Bulk hour & a-la-cart Support/Maintenance Packages:

Package #110$90$900
Package #220$80$1,600
Package #330$70$2,100
A la Cart2$110$220Two (2) hour minimum. If something is going to take more than two hours we will stop at 2 hours and give you an estimate. (Estimating time itself is a time consuming activity, and will be added into your total time billed)


* Note: These packages must be used within 18 months of purchase, and are not refundable.

Terms of Technical Support

  1. If the support issue is determined by our team to be a programming or other such error caused by Wise Owl Web Designs, LLC, you will not be billed for this service.
  2. If the support issue is determined by our team to be caused by improper use of the Content Management System or improper handling of the website code NOT caused by our team, your company will be billed for all time related to investigation, troubleshooting, and resolution of this issue.
  3. If the cause of the issue is unknown, your company will be billed for all time related to the investigation, troubleshooting, and resolution of the issue.
  4. For bulk hour packages only: Due to the total time needed for task management, the minimum billable time for any task is 1 hour. After the initial hour, time is billed in 30 min increments. Your project manger’s time is automatically figured into all projects as 20% of total time. (Industry standard)
  5. Wise Owl Web Designs, LLC strongly recommends that all clients maintain a support package in order to receive our lowest rates on the support and maintenance that you will likely need on an ongoing basis.

*We require a 50% payment to secure the bulk hour packages and the balance is billed upon usage above and beyond the initial payment. Monthly plans are billed quarterly, one quarter in advance.

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