Publishing Your Website

Who knows about your website?

Congratulations!! All that hard work has paid off and your website is ready to go live!!  You have your domain, your host is all setup and now your website code is finished.  Mission accomplished right?  You're done!!

Well, not exactly.....  Have you told anyone about your website?  How does anyone know its there?  How do you advertise that your site is now available and running?  If someone does a search for your business, will they find your site? What do you need to do to bring awareness about your site?

Lets break this down on what still needs to be done.

Business Listings

When you search for your business on the internet, what comes back? You should definitely get hits from the site itself, but did you know there are sites out there that just want information about your business? These are the sites that can help direct business towards your website. Some of these are free and have no charge while others do have a charge. Learn more about Business Listings.

Search Engines

Search engines have such a big part in your website being successful or not.  In truth, if people can't find your site you might as well not have it out there.  So what are you supposed to do?  How do you tell them your site is up and running?  Find out what you can to do get your website noticed by the Search Engines.

Social Media

Social Media is a powerful way to promote your business and website. Even if you don't have a website, you should have social media accounts for your business.  Where can you do marketing, brand building, engage customers, build your reputation, gain customer trust and increase your website traffic for almost no cost to you?  Take a look at what happens if you put your business on Social Media.

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