Legal Documents Needed ?

Probably one of the most important things to a client is their information being kept. They wonder what your business practices are. Will you sell their information they provide? This is where a Privacy Statement comes in handy. Planning to make on-line sales? What's your return policy? How long do they have to return something? Is there a cost? These are all things that would fall under Ecommerce such as "Sales Policy", "Canceling an Order Policy", "Credit Card Policy" and so forth.

The type of documents needed, really depend on what your website does and offers. This you can review with your attorney to determine the documents that you need.

Here's a quick overview of some of the standard legal documents a website might have:

+ Privacy Statement

If you plan to collect "any" personal information about your customers or use cookies on your site, you need a Privacy Policy. This privacy policy should state that you are complying with the disclosure requirements of data and privacy laws and assure the users that their information is being treated lawfully and used correctly. Some of the things a Privacy Policy may cover are:

  • Collection of Information
  • Use of Information
  • Children Under 13
  • Unsubscribe / Opt-Out
  • Links to Other Web Sites
  • Security
  • Change to Privacy Agreement
  • Acceptance of Terms
  • How to Contact Us

See Wise Owl Web Designs Privacy Policy as an example.


+ Terms & Conditions

This document discloses the use of your website, the operators rights, your rights and expectations of how the website should be use.  It should be used in conjunction with a privacy policy.  Some of the things a Terms & Conditions document may cover are:

  • Agreement between User & Website
  • Privacy
  • Electronic Communications
  • Your Account
  • Links to 3rd party...
  • Unlawful/Prohibited
  • International Users
  • lndemnification
  • Liability Disclaimer
  • Termination...
  • Changes to Terms
  • How to Contact Us

See Wise Owl Web Designs Terms & Conditions as an example.


+ Cookies Policy

Almost all websites use cookies. They can be used to track when a user last visited, navigation on the site, user preferences, shopping cart information, and other types of information. This document may cover things like:

  • About cookies
  • Cookies on our website
  • Third party cookies
  • Refusing cookies

+ Website Disclaimer

The purpose would be to limit the liabilities that the owner or publisher of the website would suffer out of the website. Things like copyright infringement, defamation, breach of privacy, etc. Some of the things the disclaimer may cover are:

  • No warranties
  • Limitations of Liability
  • Exceptions
  • Reasonableness
  • Other Parties
  • Unenforceable provisions

+ Ecommerce - Selling Online

Ecommerce has a lot more things to cover and may have multiple documents to be posted on the website. Some of these may be:

  • Sales Policy
  • Canceling an Order Policy
  • Credit Card Policy
  • Return policy
  • Taxes
  • Liability
  • Delivery / Shipping


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