Top Two (2) Questions to Ask

Why do you want a website?

Obviously you want a website, that's why you are here, but "why" do you want a website? What is it that you're expecting the website to do for your business? A website can be many things which is why we're asking the question of "why" do you want a website.

Internet Presence

Some sites just replace the need for an entry in a phone book. It provides the business locations, hours, phone numbers and may list some of their services and products. The expectation of this website is if the customer googled their business, the customer would find their site and could get the general information about them.


Some business want a website that their customers not only can find out general information about them, but can also find their pricing on services and products. They may also want the ability for the customer to interact with them and provide a "Contact Us" page for questions.

As you can see, having a website doesn't necessarily mean you are selling things on the internet. A website can give you presence on the internet, offer marketing, branding, interactions with clients and even online sales. Some sites are there not to make money, but to provide knowledge about topics the author is passionate about. There are blogs that allow you to interact with clients about any topic of your choice. It all comes back to "Why do you want a website?".

What's your reason for wanting a website?


How will you know your website is a success?

When all the dust settles, and the excitement of designing and building your website is over. You are left with What specifically are you measuring to determine if the website was a success or failure? Is there a grace period needed before you start measuring the success? How often will you be measuring the success of your website? What do you need to continue doing to keep your website successful?

These two (2) questions should be answered first before doing anything else. Once answered, we will know exactly what your expectations are, and how you are going to measure them. Notice that we didn't ask what you wanted your website to look like. We just want to know the "why" you want a website and "how" you're going to measure the success of it. Throughout the project, we'll always look back at these answer to ensure we're staying on track.

This provides us a glance of what may be involved in the project. Your time is valuable and we don't want to waste your time gathering information on things we won't need.

What Should I Budget For ?

What do you want on your website?

During the discovery process is when you'll start thinking about what things you want on your website. Cost is not in the picture yet as we are first spreading our wings and seeing how we can use the website to promote your business.

Without first dreaming, you take away creativity, the essence of making you unique. So dream big, dream of what it can be, leave no stone unturned. During Discovery, you'll be learning about what makes up a website. Tasks that are "normal" when you have a website, but at first, you may not have any knowledge of. Things that need to be setup in order for your site to work.

Are there legal obligations that you are financially liable for on your website? What do you need to do to protect yourself and your business from that liability? Do you need to consult with your lawyer?

How many pages will your website have? Will it be a one page website, or perhaps a smaller website of five to ten pages? At this point, we are creating a list of "dreams" that may be on the website. Once we are done creating that list is when we can look at the budget.

This is when an initial proposal can be created because now the data has been gathered. You have an idea of what you want on your website. You know what other expenses there will be besides designing and building the website.

So you'll be requesting XYZ to be on your website, and we'll come back with a quote on what it will take to accomplish that. Then the budget comes into play. Is it a match, not enough budget for what you want? Do we need to trim things down? Is there more left in the budget to add things?

No matter how large or small the website is, we go through the discovery process to make sure nothing is missed.


How Long Will It Take?

The budget isn't always about money. Sometimes it comes down to time. Time affects how quickly the work needed can get done. The shorter the time, the more man power is needed to complete the same amount of hours into a shorter time span.

The budget raises as the cost raises. Isn't it true though? You can't have all three at one time? (Quality, Cheap, & Fast) Some say no while other say yes. Our quote will be based on what you said you wanted, with a normal time line to create the website and the cost for that timeline. From there if the timeline is altered, then the cost for creating the code and images for the website will also increase. Same amount of hours coding and testing are needed, just need to do those hours in a smaller than usual time frame (turns into more hours per day / need resources).

A Learning Process

Getting To Know Your Business

We start with a clean slate and assume nothing. Tells us about your business. We're not going to pretend we know your business or how you got where you are today. That's a story we want to hear from you. We want to hear about your past, present and future. Where did you came from, the struggles you've encountered, the success that you've had, the dreams that you have for tomorrow?

What are your products and services? Are any seasonal? Which ones are your money makers? The more we know about your products and services, the better we can present them on your website. Perhaps its a combination of products and services. You may not be the cheapest when it comes to the price of the product, but the quality of service you provide more than makes up the extra cost of the products. Your business isn't just a sticker in the window, it's the whole package.

Who are your competitors? How do you measure up against them? What do you like that they do or offer? What don't you like that they do or offer? Who is your target audience? What are their expectations of you? What makes up your customer Demographics? Everything that you may take for granted we need to look at and think about how your website can portray that.

If your customers were to sum up your business in a couple of words, what would those words be? Is this something you want to keep, get rid of or change? The more we know and understand things like your 3, 5 and 10 year plans, the better we can build a website to support those goals. You didn't build your business overnight, so one wouldn't expect to build your website overnight either.

So learning about your business as a whole, your goals, your dreams is part of what we do during the discovery process. So what is it that you're supposed to do during the Discovery process?


Getting To Know Websites

Just as we don't pretend to know your business, chances are you don't know much about having a website on the internet. During the Discovery process, you'll learn what is all involved with having a website, from getting a domain name and host to knowing what things are available that you may or may not want on your website. The way we look at it, the more you know about having a website, the better decisions you can make when it comes to designing and planning your website. Ever heard the phrase "Gosh, I wish I would have known that at the beginning"? That is exactly what we're trying to avoid!!

There is so much to know about websites that you could literally spend months Googling about different subjects. We're not going to discourage you from doing that and actually encourage it. What we will do is walk you through the process in a logical order, covering topics we feel are important for you to be aware of, and then let you take the next step on whether or not you want to know more about that subject. Some of the information is on our website, but don't just take our word for it, Google it and see what other sites have to say on the subject. Sometimes having multiple perspectives gives you the best knowledge on the subject.


The Next Step

You know your business, we know websites. Let's take the next step together, request your quote today.


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