How does a Website Get on the Internet ?


The internet can be thought of as a bunch of computers that all talk and share information with each other around the world. We take this for granted like we do with cell phone service. We don’t worry about where or how the call is getting to us, as long as it does.

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Your Domain is like your phone number. It is unique to you and you alone. It is how people will get to your website. Unlike a phone number though, a domain has more attributes than just a location. Learn more about what's in a Domain Name.


A host allows you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. Usually these are companies that lease space on their server(s) to clients and include services such as Internet connectivity, website tools, databases, emails and other amenities.

This would be like choosing a phone carrier. Each one offers multiple choices and options for your phone service. (Talk, Text, Data, Voice Mail, and Call Forward…).  Learn more about what a Host is.

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A Website is like your phone. The only difference is that you get to create all the features that it has. Your website can be as elegant as one that informs customers of your location, hours, and how to contact you, or a site that your customers interact with, view product, and order on-line. It's all up to you on what type of Website you want to present to your customers.

What's an ISP?

To get an internet connection, an ISP (Internet Service Provider) is required.  A local ISP can be a phone, cable, dish, or other company that provides internet access service. Through your ISP, you get to the internet.

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