Do You Need a Logo ?

Need a Logo?

If you don't currently have a logo, we can help you design and create one. Don't feel you have to have a logo in order to have a website, you don't. A logo is just a symbol that when someone sees it, they think of your business. Here are a couple of Logos without any words, can you name the business?

Target Store Logo

Microsoft Logo

Buick Logo

FireFox Logo

Creating a Logo

Creating a Logo for your company should be thought of as something fun to do. Start out just brain storming ideas. It could be the business name, a letter dressed up, the name made up using different products in different positions. There are so many things you can use to create a Logo that represents your business.

The important thing to remember starting out, is no idea is bad. Keep them all and play around with them. Don't start out trying to make it perfect the first time, chances are you won't end up with anything you started with anyway. Some times the final logo is a combination of different ideas that when looked at separately, don't say much, but combined together, it doesn't look too bad.

For example, for Wise Owl Web Design's logo, here are some of the ideas that were gone through before landing on our final decision.

Idea Example of what it might look like

Idea #1

With a name like Wise Owl Web Designs, LLC what comes to mind? A Wise Owl. So what would a Wise Owl look like? How about an Owl wearing glasses with a graduation cap on?
This could represent a Wise Owl with education.

Owl Drawing with Hat and Glasses

Wise Owl

Idea #2

Web Designs.... A web could be a Spider Web and then we could have the words "Web Designs" spelled inside the web like in the story "Charlotte's Web".

Creative yet effective.

Image of Web Designs inside Spider Web

Idea #3

Now, if we merged the two ideas together, we would have an Owl wearing glasses next to a spider web, that had the words "Web Designs" in it.

These two images combined together represent the business name of "Wise Owl Web Designs".

Owl Drawing with Hat and Glasses Image of Web Designs inside Spider Web

Wise Owl

Idea #4

Since this is a website, it will be seen world wide. What if the "O" in the word "Owl" was replaced with a globe? That way it makes you think global and not just local.

Using a globe for the letter "O"

Idea #5

What if the Owl was flying instead of just sitting there? An owl flying makes one think of it hunting... a bird of prey, powerful and focused on its target. At the same time it shows its beauty and grace in the air.

The same would be true for Wise Owl Web Designs. In control, focused on its objectives, and creating an inspirational website.

Image of Web Designs inside Spider Web

Idea #6

What if we had the Owl landing on the words "Wise Owl", and the L letters looking like trees?

This would show the power and grace of the Owl, the World presence that it would have on the internet, and the trees representing its home.

Final Decision

This is just a sample of some of the thoughts that went into designing Wise Owl Web Designs logo. We ended up with the owl flying and getting ready to take ahold of the world. Showing control, power and confidence in what it is doing.

When someone looks at it, they won't think of what it means as we do, but its a unique symbol that represents our business and what we do.

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