About Us

Wise Owl Web Designs originally started as Hastings Consulting in 1995.  Working in collaboration with businesses, coming up with innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals and needs.  Projects ranged in size from only taking hours, to ones that spanned more than a year.  No matter what the project, the focus was always on the business and what their goals and needs were.

As the computer industry evolved, so did Hastings Consulting. Computers and software were changing at a rapid pace, and the internet was gaining momentum.  It became abundantly clear that the internet was a new market place just waiting for businesses to tap into.  Realizing this, Hastings Consulting changed their focus to the internet.

Wise Owl Web Designs, LLC was incorporated on January 9th, 2014.

Wise Owl Web Designs has over years of experience in working with clients to make their goals and needs into a reality.  From gathering business requirements, identifying stake holders, scope, and defining project requirements, we'll work with you all the way.  We believe that in order to have a successful website, we need to work in collaboration to define your site.  Our mission statement supports this belief.

If you're looking for a website built quickly and cheap, you've come to the wrong place.  We're not the fastest, and we're not the cheapest.  If you're wanting a website that represents your business as unique as it is, we're your partner.  Your business didn't pop up overnight, and neither should your website.  We'll work with you every step of the way to create a website that extends your business to the internet and represents it only as you can.

You know your business, we know websites. Let's take the next step together, request your quote today.

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